Video (Board) Game Post Mortem


This project involved being grouped together in teams of 4/5 and tasked with creating a physical board game which had a digital video element for three players. The basic flow of the game was up to each individual group, but the common flow was...
Video plays -> Player's play card(s) in response to the initial video -> Second video plays

What went right
  • Web platform
    We all needed to decide on a platform to use to playback the video for each team. The programmers and designers both needed to use it so it needed a simplified interface with enough of a framework back end for customisation. I pitched for a web platform (see below) while another student went for the Unity approach because everybody knew Unity and the C# language rather than everything learning CSS, JavaScript and HTML.

    A few weeks later we come back and run the same question with a prototype of each possible solution. Long story short, Unity was favoured over a web platform. But I'm proud of what I made, it has a decent framework to create YouTube videos that simply embed in the background behind a small UI to show the players and buttons for entering card codes.

Lobby screen with the three players listed ready to start the game.

Game screen ready to add a new incident card to start the beginning video.

Game screen playing the beginning video.

Game screen asking for the response cards to the video, then another video will play and re-prompt for an incident card.

  • Secret Identity (Mechanic)
    The mechanic we decided on really gave our version of the game an extra layer to it. It added competitiveness between the players which could spark into alliances or sworn enemies. Some of our identities turned out great, but could of been better if we explained what they are to the player and how they should play according to that identity instead of possibly leaving it up to their interpretation.

List of secret identities we came up with at the beginning. (Sorry for all the different colours, it was to match them to other cards)

What went wrong
  • The Response Cards
    At the very beginning we had something like 40 response cards, until after one afternoon, that number dropped to 13...
    There we no communication of such a change until being brought up to speed the next week when the logic of the actual game had to be implemented into the platform. So I felt this really did impact the teams dynamic/work-ability (if that's a thing) considering that the change was made by one person without any communication to other team members.

Overall the project worked out the way it should have. We have a card game with a digital platform which takes user input (in the form of a code) and plays a video. I am quite proud of the web platform even though it didn't get used, I learnt a bit more about passing PHP data over to JavaScript through POST requests.

The Future

I hope to avoid the whole, The game changed over a weekend and nobody told anyone. That's a real lack of team communication which should of been addressed at the very beginning to avoid situations like these.

The source code for the web platform can be found here. Do note that while the SQL commands are there, the actual data that goes in the database isn't. Also here's the link to the final platform in use

Tom Lynn

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