Triage Playtest #1

Concluding the first playtest of our work in progress game Triage.

What happened?

We had playtesters. Throughout the playtest, we could see the players have issues such as being overwhelmed with the amount of patients at a particular time, significant trouble manoeuvring the patient around corners, patient deaths are all over the place, there was no priority system indicated, spotlight area was inconsistent. There were a few things...

What did you learn?

We learn't that there was some areas that needed addressing. These areas were either not part of the core gameplay or were rushed to get it ready for the playtest. For example, the gurney movement system was workable, but at the same time it was really a hit and miss. Going around corners required a drifting movement which is not what we planned originally (since that'll conflict with another game) and should be a lot more snappy instead of a long gradual drag.

The gurney's movement with all the different collider's on the map and the model itself made moving through corridors a pain and felt really annoying.

What surprised you?

The fact that some players got overwhelmed by the amount of patients spawning. The spawn rate was a flat 7 seconds which felt fine in my hands when I went through and delivered 49 patients while another scored 86 patients. This could easily be addressed by experimenting with the spawn rate slider and changing it as the game progresses.
Patient's were apparently spawning reversed in the waiting room. I never really noticed that happening in the testing prior to the build nor did I ever plan to see that come up. There are 3 exits from the Waiting Room so sometimes it's easier to move through the other two exits instead of having to U-Turn i the room.

How did you use the feedback to improve/change the game?

Since we received feedback about inconsistent lighting with the spotlights, it was my decision to throw them out for a better method of showing the player where the patient needs to go. We opted to use Particle Systems which were described in my other blog post about "improving" Triage here.
We've already gone through the crucial feedback which needs to be addressed before the next playtest, (see below)
We plan to add obstacles around the map to actually make use of the alternate paths, add wandering nurses for even further obstructions. Work out a way of adding the ragdolls onto each gurney along with an implementation to keep them there so they don't fall off immediately. Further fixing the gurney movement so it's more snappy and responsive and possibly further address highlighting the destinations to join the Particle System.

Tom Lynn

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