Trend Prediction on Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is a highly anticipated emerging technology that was once kickstarted by the "ahead of its time" Virtual Boy.

Virtual Boy with its controller. Image taken from Wikipedia

For those who might not be have heard of Virtual Reality for reasons such as being Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants and living under a rock with their sand TV and chair. It's basically a device that the users interact with a completely virtual environment, the best way we could achieve this? Strap a computer with a large screen to our faces.

But this trend has been coming into the mainstream more and more. One device known as the, Oculus Rift, have been releasing developer kits for companies to make games and experiences for players to enjoy.

Image of the Oculus Rift from their official website

While the pricing on these devices might be the same as settings your wallet on fire (Rift costs $600 USD, HTC Vive costs $800 USD, just to name a few). What I see is these devices becoming mainstream in how we consume media, instead of watching the news on your TV in the lounge room. You could be watching it in a movie theatre in space if you really want to.

The only thing these devices haven't targeted is the price, but only time will tell once Augmented Reality becomes something more (cough HoloLens cough)

Tom Lynn

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