Studio 2 VR Game - Hey I made a tool!

So with this current project, we have to make a game that looks at the theme of "Home". Our group decided for a VR title so it's a whole new experience for us to learn how to develop for this particular platform.

Something that we're going to include into the game is a way of showing an easy to read text assist tool for players to display and simply read from. It contains text that is also on the model of the object but is there if you can't read the handwriting or format on the model.
This tool is built to be scale-able and makes use of JSON to handle the data for each object that will make use of it.

The past two days have included me in creating a tool for the designer to use to input their dialogue for a particular object. This also includes line separation, text align and text colour. This tool was built with Electron, simply using the Chrome Web engine to render the html page and have JavaScript interact with everything. Makes it simple and cross platform!

Without further ado, here's some screenshots of it's UI.

This tool supports form validation (Or how my High school IPT teacher put it, user proofing)...

And once the designer has added their text and configured each object accordingly, the Export entries button presents them a neatly formatted JSON string which they can then copy paste into the data file. I will probably make a revision to this step in the next version and replace it by actively writing to the file and even reading in the existing file...

Either way, this is version 0.0.1. Feedback = improvements...


Tom Lynn

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