Social Media is a virtue

Social Media, everybody's got one. Unless you happen to live under a rock with Patrick.
But that was this weeks topic in a nutshell. How do you get noticed? What is the best social media platform(s) for you? And your project/discipline?

For Games Development, there's a norm that studios do. Generally a studio will have their own website as a hub to get to places where the studio has influence, whether that be facebook, twitter, reddit, instagram, etc. But it all comes down to how the studio/the developer uses it.

Twitter is a great platform to announce small/large stuff since the in-built feature of retweeting is only a click of a button away. It does so much with such little input and it can spread rapidly through highly followed users.

Digital Extremes' twitter

Along the lines of twitter, communicating with your community is what most developers do now, though this depends on the game. But for a game such as, Warframe, a community is everything. So having a reddit and forums helps the developers reach out to the community and provides a win win situation for both sides. The developers can see the communities response, gauge feedback and the community itself can ask questions, share content around and be one of the firsts to hear about news from the studio/developer.

This is why communities such as the r/Overwatch discord server has exploded with users
Discord is a VOIP service similar to Skype and Teamspeak but focuses on community engagement.

So it really all boils down to, what social media is best for the studio/developer? And how they end up using it. Because everybody wants attention...

Tom Lynn

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