So... What's next?

As the title says, So... What's next?

The last remaining project, one that has to meet our remaining learning outcomes. It can be basically anything, since we're able to make our own brief.
So my plan is to recreate Tron, to a degree...

My plan is to create a LightCycle map where 8 players compete by driving vehicles around leaving behind a trail which destroys their opponents if they crash into it. So far I have a concept implementation of this with a large red cube (see below).

It works by using four GameObjects at the location of the wheels, with a script on them which dictates how high each wheel needs to be. This lets the vehicle have proper suspension like you would find in a motor vehicle. This won't transfer all that well over to the lightcycle model since it literally doesn't have any suspension and the wheels are fixed being unable to rotate to turn. So being able to turn while on the bike involves weight shifting the model in such a way to turn the bike.

So that's what I've done so far out of the way. Now for what I plan to feature in the game...
I say 8 players above because I'm ambitious enough to look into Networking in Unity (UNet). My friend suggested working with python and have a client & server script bundled with the game, this isn't entirely out of the question since C# should be able to execute scripts in the local directory.
Looks like that is the case. Thanks bseyeph

Although another friend introduced me with what he learned about Unity's Networking from resources that were given by our lecturer. He showed me how Unity can keep track of a player's position on another client by simply spawning their player prefab and having a Network Transform component on it.

From what I observed, it seems Unity made networking rather easy for developers. The only thing I'm looking at for a replacement is the UI for setting up a server and client's to join.
Like the python example above, seems like I can make my own UI display for the Network Manager.

As for maps, I do want some static multi-layered maps like in Tron Legacy. But I do want to see if I can do procedural generation and actually write my own version of it instead of using a tutorial script from YouTube. Since that'll earn me quite a bit of LOs for Maths and possibly patterns. I still need to look into this since it's something that might not work well at all with a racing game....

Now for vehicle customization, something that gives players the incentive to keep playing. I want to add different coloured trails and effects similar to Rocket League's.
So far I plan for different static coloured trails, a special rainbow one, then some custom particle effects if I can work out their collisions properly. I also don't plan for actual part changing on the vehicle since that'll add a lot more assets and would consume most of my time to implement such a thing in my opinion. Time will tell if I go about this or not though...

Tom Lynn

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