So it's week one and we're starting our first class brief. A Shoot em Up style action game. A great example of one would be Ikaruga which was developed by Treasure and G.rev. It had a simple mechanic that other SHMUPs didn't have at the time or possibly even still now, the mechanic was stupidly simple but it created some incredibly different gameplay to what a "traditional" SHMUP would. The mechanic was that there were two types of enemies that fire two different types of bullets, they were the same except for their colour. One was black, the other was white.

Now, the player could switch their colour as well, to one of the bullet's colour. Which allows the player to absorb that bullet and only dodge the other bullet colour, if that makes any sense. You'll understand if you watch some gameplay or at least look at the image below...

Image taken from's review of the game.

The lesson consisted on laying down a framework so we can build upon it. An enemy, A ship the player controls and some movement mechanics with it. All with an added feature... The Nebula Skybox...

Tom Lynn

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