Self-sustainment as a creative individual

It's a no brainer that if you can do something that you love, you'll do it. Especially if you're paid for it as well, cough YouTube cough. But you'll see a large majority of people creating content for YouTube or livestreaming on Twitch do it as a hobby of some sorts with an actual job on the side to support them.

In a sense, we learned about this in Week 2's CIU class. Whether we work as a freelancer in our field with a job on the side to support ourselves or go balls to walls and go without a side job and live on Ramen and instant noodles for the rest of your career. While eating instant noodles for years tends to save quite a bit of money, for myself, it doesn't sound all too appealing. Especially in my field which is Game Programming.

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During the lecture, there was discussion about whether any of us would freelance, work at a studio or start our own studio. While many people in my class was unsure what they wanted to do, I was gravitating towards working at a studio since with what I've done so far, it seems logical to me. Before I came to SAE, I've been programming various tools on my website,, since Grade 9. So it kinda fits in with, I'm told what to do, then I go and implement it.

Working at a studio limits what I can do, but too me, a secure income appeals more to me than working for individual customers on a commision base, even though you have the grounds of charging more if you're a freelancer.

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