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A new week, a new brief. This time it's the famous (but sometimes infamous) Real Time Strategy style game. We started off creating a terrain using Unity's built-in utility which allowed for shaping, painting and smoothing, which reminds me of Sim City or City Skylines and how you can modify the terrain to adjust how your city will look instead of using a plan old flat square map.

Image taken from CONFLICTNERD Dylan's video here

While City Skylines has a much simpler UI and control method, Unity has more advanced features that let you make the terrain more realistic and abundant.

Unity's Terrain window

For my second GAM111 assignment, I initially forgo to use a procedural generation method at the very beginning as an RTS styled game that has a random map really adds a twist to the whole game where you don't know where different resources would spawn, let alone where you would spawn in the map.
I ended up abandoning this and fell back on Unity's terrain to create the world since due to lack of time restriction already and the different methods of placing down resource nodes and creating navigable terrain was just too demanding at the time.

The next step in the class brief was to implement camera movement similar to nearly every game that has a birds eye view for the player. We went through two iterations which included involved moving the cursor to edge of the screen and having the camera move in that direction until the cursor wasn't in those bounds anymore. Or simply move around with WASD and have the scroll wheel zoom in and out to a certain angle. I chose the latter due to simple intuitive controls that resembled multiple RTS games I've played in the past.
But I specifically like how Halo Wars implemented their method. Since the game was an Xbox exclusive, they had to work with the Xbox 360 controller at the time. So having the right analog stick dedicated to moving the camera around worked tremendously well at the time, and probably still does now. I am quite curious to how 343 Industries and Creative Assembly upcoming sequal, Halo Wars 2, will use camera panning as there will be a port to PC along with Xbox One.

And finally we ended on creating a way for the player to select units by simply click dragging an area on the terrain and any GameObject's inside that had a certain tag would have a function on them to tell their Nav Mesh Agent to move to a new destination. Which would be where ever the player would next right click. Until I learned how to do this, I thought selecting units and the such was a really involved and complicated method but turned out that it was a simple as making the area box a trigger.

Example of StarCraft's selection method

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