(not)Tron Lightcycles - Initial handin

So the week of development has concluded and I've handed in what I could.

What the game currently achieves is a really nice and fluid UI movement system, something that I pulled together today within 2 hours. But other than that, there's a basic movement system for players, no networking since that would have murdered my sleeping patterns beyond repair-ability. The pickup system works fluently using the EventSystem that I learned literally last week.

Link to the itch.io submission here and the repo link here with it's own release.
What will be done during the two month break over til next year is that networking will be a big feature that will be added, the continuation of maintaining the documentation, proper UI and HUD layouts and map design. Large amounts of map design is a thing that needs to be done.

With what I've done so far, you can easily expect more blogs and updates on the game. Although the blogs might be spaced out kinda long... I look forward to figuring out the implementation of networking.

Tom Lynn

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