(not)Tron Development - Initial lightcycle

I swear, is it just me? Or are Unity's WheelColliders the most annoying physics implementation ever?
So since the last update (which was me introducing the concept), I've done some work regarding bike implementation. The bike makes use of two wheel colliders in each wheel, the model for the lightcycle is courtesy of my friend Zac. He also included the reflection and trail for the bike...

Here's a demonstration of what I've gotten done in the time since.
Turning the bike causes it to flip out quite easily and go back on itself, but at the same time, the bike slowly rotates towards the right causing the bike to literally flip over and continue going past 360 degrees... (You can see this at the end of the gif)

I honestly have no idea why it's doing this, I've googled around as to why it's happening and there doesn't seem to be a fix for this let alone it being documented well. So Monday will consist on fixing this and the bike feel so players actually enjoy driving it and not feel like their fighting against it for control.

Another step forward I've completed is a basic map that can be seen in the gif. Using Unity's terrain, I just elevated the outsides of the terrain and smoothed the cliffs. This should tell the player that the battle is located on the flat plane rather than on sloped terrain. Not that the bikes can't handle that kind of terrain, this is just an introduction to new players and for testing purposes.

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