Media and Identity

All types of media are all around us, and sadly/or thankfully. There is no escape from it...

For myself, I'm using the Internet just about every day so I'm consuming media in different forms because of the Internet. When it comes to Games, I play a variety of games (Except Horror, that can just be non-existent), from that variety, I very much enjoy Shooters and Sandbox games.
I would love to create those kind of games and I see other genres of games as a fun method of passing time or in some cases, research into what I can do to improve any of the games I create.

Image of a Terrorist in Counter Strike: Global Offense from a PC Gamer Article

CounterStrike is a good example of a game that I enjoy, it has a great competitive community and is the top if not, one of the top games in the ESports community. When it comes around to when I have to make games and my ideas contribute towards the end product, I would love to have a competitive scene within it. It adds so much more to the product and keeps people playing even after the game has "aged".

Tom Lynn

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