Interviews & Techniques

So Week 4's class was all about Interviews and it's questions...

For a question that I might be asked during an Interview, such as, Where do you fit in part of a team? I'll probably answer with one that would accept an input and produce an output. In terms of what that would look like, imagine a car. I would be the gearbox, the part where you give it a gearshift, and it'll result in the gearshift. Easy right?

The only thing about it is that it'll crumple if you don't do the gearshifts right, or in case of a team. Changing the design half way through the current design, will literally break me. So while I'm efficient at what I do, I can break easily.

But on a personal experience, I'm not overly creative, you can see that from my website here. That's why I resorted to programming, and I've done it for a while now. I know quite a few languages, PHP, JavaScript, HTMl, CSS, CSharp, C++ just to name a few. So hopefully when it comes to job interviews, I'll be more appealing because I have knowledge and some experiences in those languages over other applications. Only time will tell if that helps at all, and the degree should really add to it providing I finish it.

Step 1. Learn languages  
Step 2. Use languages  
Step 3. ???  
Step 3.5 Apply for job  
Step 4. WIN  

Win success formula that will most likely not work...

Tom Lynn

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