Inspiration, If any...

Coding has been part of me for a long time, somewhere in the neighborhood of around 7 years. So with that, I have some good experience in languages such as PHP,HTML,CSS,JS,JQUERY and Python. When I watched the Microsoft Keynote on DirectX 12 and how it compared to DirectX 11, Video here. I found myself quite amazed by the benchmark scene that was made for the Keynote.

DX11/12 3DMark benchmarkImage was taken from the YouTube video DirectX 11 vs DirectX 12 | 3DMark Api Overhead Test | GTX 770.

15 seconds in you can see DX11's performance (single threaded)
34 seconds in DX11 again, but it's multi threaded and the performance is certainly much better vs the single threaded run through.

55 seconds in is when we see DX12's performance. It lasts considerably longer than DX11's multi threadded performance.
I'm not as interested in the FPS, score or the amount of frames the GTX 770 scored during the benchmarks. But more of the level the benchmark was flying through, I can't really describe it other than that I really liked it. Like, really...

What I'm trying to get at here is the idea of how games are made. That's the part that really sparks the interest inside me and get's me to work on them myself.

Tom Lynn

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