Improving the looks of Triage

Just ever so slightly.

Before the changes were made, this what what the user experience would seem like... (It's also what the players experienced in yesterday's playtest)
Excuse the green 60 in the bottom left corner. Geforce Experience likes to tell me my fps in Unity...

As you can see, it got job done but also looked horrible. There were spotlights over each room which would illuminate if that was the destination of the currently selected gurney. Since this was a playtest of the core gameplay loop, it didn't matter all too much, but it kinda irritated me that I could do something a lot better given an hour or two.

And that's exactly what I did...

Step 1. Redo the UI completely and replace the labels with custom icons.
Using FontAwesome as a basis of the icons, I took these ones and replicated them as much as I can in GIMP. With that, this really polished the UI tenfold.

Step 2. Ditch the spotlights, room names, and colours. We need a better method!
I introduce to you, Particle Systems! I haven't used Particle Systems for a long time, something like 12 or maybe 18 weeks... But this is what the above 'plus' is used for, health particles indicating where the player should move the patient to. During the playtesting, there was some comments about players not knowing where to take the gurney's until a few seconds later they see the spotlights in the map. So this aims to fix that entirely with a more, HEY. I'M A THING technique.

I know this is polish and not core gameplay, but just look at it. Without out a doubt, it'll improve the user experience, I'll report on the next playtest with this implemented and share my thoughts!

Last but not least, the end result...

Tom Lynn

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