Here's how it went down - Studio 3 reflection

Another 13 weeks, another studio down. The last sadly enough...
This trimester was a focus on development on different hardware platforms and resolutions, threading, shaders, networking and data storage. So we've looked at quite a varying amount of topics related to programming practices and such.

As a programmer, I felt like I approached this trimester adequately. Raytracing was somewhat new to me, and we had to make it more optimized, 😉😉💪💪 multi-threading. I've looked at multi-threading before with a twitch bot I wrote years back to listen to whispers and the chat for a stream, but I haven't used it in this retrospect especially with C++. I learned about Threadpooling which is an interesting concept of queuing a bunch of tasks to do and handing them over to threads to complete them. Then once a thread completes a task, it's given another to complete and the cycle continues until the queue is empty.

I've also gotten into a habit of naming my classes with a prefix of I (capital i), It's something that I started doing after seeing a Discord API library's documentation (discordie). But they're interfaces vs classes that I'm writing in .NET, so I'm definitely misusing them and I will now force myself to fix that habit. You learn then unlearn, just a cycle...

What this trimester has taught me is mobile development is quite interesting. I've acknowledged Australia's current gaming market primarily being mobile driven at this current point in time with consoles trailing. But I also kind of dismissed it internally and focused on PC driven games, with the Studio 3 team project that we just completed. My view has changed now that we had to develop for android as our primary target, so I want to create some cool games in Android once I pay off the development fee (thank god it's only $25, looking at you Apple).

During the team project at the end, I was delegated team lead. Which didn't have that much of an impact other than coordinating the project manager and the one that talks to the designers, but the one thing I noticed with the project was that I took up the role of creating the systems behind the game. The thing I learnt about myself this trimester is that I'm quite fond of systems programming, which probably makes sense of my fondness of moving things to the web rather than client-side based programs. I'm going to explore this as of now and see where it can get me.

But as a programmer overall, I feel like I've accomplished just that. I learned some cool tips and tricks, found a new interesting concept and learnt more about myself. So all in all, I wonder what will happen next...

Tom Lynn

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