This post is relating to the Week 1 Preparation task for GAM110.

The easy part about Doom is probably the pace at which it runs. It's not a fast paced shooter like Call of Duty or Halo really is, it's more laid back and you can sort of take your time. Another aspect about it is probably the "Time to kill" system, just like Halo and Call of Duty, killing people (Or in this case, NPCs) is quite fast but on the contrary it's not as quick to die since you can take quite a bit on damage, especially with armour equipped. It'll take a good 10, maybe 20 seconds of continuous hits to kill you. Assuming you have full armour & health.

Image from the upcoming remake of Doom

The game itself isn't hard, coming from somebody who plays a lot of shooters. But I couldn't keep playing since the bobbing and fps were just terrible compared to what we are accustomed with today, smooth movement with 60 frames, GLORIOUS!

It was certainly interesting to play considering that this is what most people did for entertainment when it was released. Hell, I find myself bored and not knowing what to play half the time and my library of games is quite robust.

Tom Lynn

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