Collaborators and why're they are sooooo goooood

During Project 3, we got a chance to pitch our game to a bunch of potential collaborators from various studies such as Audio, Animation, Graphic Design, etc. to help with the production and add good quality assets to the finished version of the game.
Unfortunately for us, nobody seemed interested in our game so we got nobody to collaborate with, but here's why you should collaborate in the first place...

  • Collaboration spreads the workload
    Rather than having the two designers deal with audio, graphic design and animation all together and the programmers can just do their own thing with scripting the game and providing easier means for the designers to modify scripts. Other people who are in those fields do only that, so they would be efficient and know what they're doing.

This can give you confidence knowing that the assets they develop will be up to your standards and you'll be able to focus on the design of the game while they can come back in a few weeks with the final version of that asset.

  • Collaborators are probably better at it than you
    This can vary depending on who you are what your strengths lie in. But there's a pretty good chance that collaborators are better at doing what you're trying to do, simply because they're the ones learning how to do it and how to do it better while you're learning games design. So you know what you want and to the degree of quality you seek, but they know how to go about it and deliver on it.

  • Collaborators can be bad
    Collaborators can be bad simply because you might have to end up chasing them down to get an asset due weeks ago and you learn that it isn't even remotely done. This can go for any collaboration, the person who asks for something to be done needs to follow up on that progress every so often, like once or twice a week to get an idea of where everything is up to.

Doing so will probably reduce the chance that anything can go wrong and keeps the collaborator on track with whatever they're doing. Which means you end up happy that you get your asset on time and the collaborator can be happy that their asset made it into your game. It's a win win.

All these great reasons and we didn't actively seek for collaborators for Project 3. It might simply be because we're kinda secluded from other fields and also a true fact for most programmers is that we're kinda socially awkward ¯\(ツ)/¯.

Tom Lynn

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