Career Aspirations

This whole process of going through this course and hitting in the industry has been quite the experience so far. I've enjoyed every part of it, even though I'm still WAY in the early stages, it's been quite the ride (so far).

My goal towards the end of this course is to end up in either a AAA or Indie studio simply being a code monkey, whether that be Generalist programmer, Artificial Intelligence or Tool development. I never really found myself fond of leading positions like Lead Programmer or managing a team, while it's great experience currently for the course, it's not something I actively seek out to participate in.
I'm happy enough being told to get shit done by a deadline and simply doing it prior to that date and to a high degree of quality.

The reasoning behind all this is probably because of what I've been doing throughout High school when I really was a programmer rather than just focusing on being a social person. So with that, I found satisfaction by simply knowing I got something done and the way it should have turned out was achieved.

Yay for looking ahead at life. Progress!

Tom Lynn

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