Career 2.0

So I said that I'm happy being a code monkey whom is told what to do and goes about doing said task at hand with the best quality possible. But I also made mention to the creation of tools for developers and programmers to use to improve productivity and ease.

I've had some experience working with electron which allows the creation of local web programs that work with Node.js. If you haven't guessed, I've been working with Node quite a log recently.

Electron works great since devs have access to JavaScript, HTML and CSS while being cross platform thanks to web standards and using the Chromium browser. Electron is great for small apps that work across multiple platforms, these small apps might be something like a conversation of data types such as moving from a text file over to a JSON file. Or JSON to XML, whatever is possible with JavaScript.

I used electron to create an app for some moderators on a discord server so they can see all the users, some information on them and comments from other moderators about said members. They could also see analytic information captured by the bot such as activity levels of every channel, when a user last sent a message to a channel in the server. The app was great for finding out information that discord doesn't support.

So learning more about electron or other similar apps that allow this kind of cross platform compatibility would help with my career and open up more opportunities to work in. So, I have some extended homework over the next 2 months...

Tom Lynn

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