An explanation of Triage (Studio Project 3)

Having written up documentation for the game, I thought I might as well talk about the key areas of it to explain the purpose of it.

What is Triage?

Triage is a top down, click n' drag game where the player is tasked with moving patients around a hospital floor to their destination to get treated for whatever reason they came in for.

Description of the gameplay

The gameplay starts with the player's perspective being a birds eye view on an angle, since it's a 3D game we want the angle to make it look like 3D rather than a 2D game with 3D assets. From this view, the entire hospital floor is available. The bottom middle of the floor is the Waiting Room where patients are sent in to wait for the player to manually move them to there destination, which are located in the middle of the floor. Each destination serves a different purpose for treating the patients, one might be burns victims while another is the Intensive Care Unit.

The morgue serves the purpose of 'dumping' patients who died during their journey, whether that be the patient died mid-transport or they fell off the gurney onto the floor.

When a patient is successfully treated within their expiration time, the player will get a certain amount of score based upon how long the patient had left to live. If a patient died during transport, the player immediately loses a certain amount of points, but if they then relocate them to the Morgue, the player will also gain a certain amount of points for 'cleaning up'. Once the game time has passed 10 minutes, the game will end and the player's score will be recorded onto a leaderboard.


Controls for Triage will revolve around the use of the mouse, for controlling the direction of the gurney and interacting with the UI. Space and Escape will be used to pause the game.

Tom Lynn

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