A physical card game with a digital medium

So for Studio 1, we've been tasked with constructing a card game (as a class), but with different mechanics and chapters for each team (so it's a team & class assignment).

This post is going to focus on the digital medium part.
Part of the card game requires entering in information of what has happened in the game into some form of program that will playback a video based on the player's submission. Up til now, everyone has been delving with Unity and some people branched to GameMaker Studio (myself included) for the previous assignment, so we have little experience in other languages.

And since the platform for this digital medium needs to be universal in such a way that there isn't several different executable files the player's will have to run to play through all seven chapters.
I proposed we build a web form with JavaScript on the client side to handle all the logic. While on the server side, PHP and SQL will handle all the resource management such as images, cards, and videos. It's structured this way so the page can be updated on the fly without having to refresh after every button press.

Concept image of what the welcome page would look like...

Concept image of adding a player to the lobby

The reasoning behind why I proposed this with everyone's current limited skill level is purely a ease of use case. Web is only restricted depending on what you're trying to do with it, the great part about it is that it's multi-platform and literally any device that's capable of video playback meets the hardware requirements. It's also a great platform to build upon, so the way I'm building our team's platform is one that is easily taken and then expanded. Code commented, Bootstrap 4 (for the sake of the page looking like it was made in the last 3 years), common JavaScript functions to be used, etc.

On a side note, the above concept images were created using Balsamiq Mockups (totally not a sponsorship plug)

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